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The Liberal Disingenuousness of ‘Trump’s America’

After the election, look for a crackdown on protestors. If Trump wins, the claim will be that the feds are fighting left-wing terrorism and ordinary crime. If Biden wins, the claim will be that the feds are fighting right-wing terrorism and “hate.” The goal will be to make the ruling party appear successful at restoring order, whoever the ruling party is, while eliminating any actual dissent from the status quo.

By Erica Caines

Hood Communist

After weeks of a panic-driven insistence that we can vote out fascism by self-proclaimed leftists, mainstream media has taken it up a notch with terminology like “Trump’s America.” In using that term, what both leftists and liberals are engaging in, besides fear-mongering, is a misguided and ahistorical approach to electoral politics and US politics, in general.

By attributing fascism and the conditions of an overzealous militarized police force solely to Donald Trump, we ignore the trajectory of how we have arrived at a Trump presidency. Furthermore, an obsessive fixation on Trump and not the system, at large, makes us complicit in the work of encouraging fascism.

The intentional falsehoods around the actual power of the Black vote pushed by an organized Black Misleadership class have upheld a “vote Blue no matter who” narrative that has distorted the politics of the who because they are blue. The false dichotomy of Republican bad/Democrat good has strangled US politics. The focus on self-interest voting has discouraged an educated vote.


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