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Assaults against first responders raising nationwide concern

Fuck the Fire Department? In some “anti-fascist” circles, I’ve heard firefighters referred to as fire pigs, EMTs as medical pigs, school lunch supervisors as lunch pigs, etc.

By Alexa Ashwell & Rachel Aragon

FOX Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – A reported assault on two Baltimore City firefighters is contributing to the nationwide, rising concern over attacks on first responders. According to the department, the firefighters were assaulted while responding to a reported fire on Eastern Avenue in southeast Baltimore Sunday night. Officials say a man threw glass bottles at the crew as they attempted to enter the home. It’s an unfortunate, yet not surprising incident to former Baltimore City Commissioner Ed Norris. “I think there’s been an effort to demonize the police in this country, and these are firefighters,” said Norris. Norris then pointed out one of the most recent attacks on law enforcement, the two California deputies who were shot in an ambush. Police have also recent victims of violence during unrest in Seattle and Chicago.


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