The Counterrevolutionary Left

A lot of “anti-system” folks are focusing on Trump’s shenanigans while ignoring the neocons’ attempted comeback by colonizing the Democratic Party and embedding themselves in the Trump administration simultaneously while trying to ride the wave of protests to power. Gottfried predicts a minor league “Night of the Long Knives” if the neocons are successful.

By Paul Gottfried

The American Conservative

Reports about tons of dark money flooding Democratic operatives from “left wing groups” seems to confirm an analysis offered this week by Pedro Gonzalez in his column “The Ruling Class Strikes Back”:

A network of left-wing groups with budgets eclipsing those of conservative powerhouses like the Heritage Foundation will likely ‘carpet bomb’ the 2020 election with anonymous dark money, a new report obtained by Fox News warns.”

Here the ruling class is indeed striking back. This “carpet bombing” money, which is intended to push the mentally deteriorated Democratic presidential candidate over the finish line, is coming from neither inner-city blacks nor derelicts at a soup kitchen. This dark money has issued from the wealthy and very wealthy. It is meant to keep Donald Trump from winning the November election and thereby continuing what the donors view as a revolutionary experiment in American government. Pedro urges us not to be distracted by screams about the underprivileged and Trump’s “right wing extremism.”

The people who are behind the anti-Trump crusade and who manufacture daily crises and scandals to bring him down represent an establishment that Trump ruffled without displacing. And now they’re coming after him, the Deep State, the neocon global interventionists, the culture industry that resents Trump’s defiance, and the friends of the Clintons and Obamas in the media. In their view and in that of the Never-Trump and Lincoln Project Republicans, Trump is not the kind of person who should be in the White House. He is brash and shoots too often from the hip. He also doesn’t defer often enough to the sage counsels of “experts.”


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