Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Where Are the Protestors?

A couple years ago, I was interviewed by a supposed “post-left” podcast that ridiculed my suggestion that anti-imperialism should be the priority issue of North American anarchists on the grounds that the US empire is the world’s leading mass murderer. At the same time, the hosts of the program were practically hysterical about the alleged “racism” of the National-Anarchist Movement. But nobody ever said common sense is a mandatory characteristic for anarchists. “Anarchists Against Common Sense” can be a tendency as well.

NEVER FORGET that the man who exposed US war crimes and the slaughter of innocent people has been rotting in prison, tortured, denied a fair trial, and treated as a top-tier criminal for exposing top-tier bipartisan tyrants while a war-mongering media apparatus that goes on and on about the importance of journalism in the age of Trump barely bats their eyes.” -Carey Wedler

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