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Former SJW DEFECTS, Announces They Will Vote For Trump And Gives Reasoning

Embracing Trumpism as an antidote to the SJW cult is a remarkably bad idea. It’s a minor-league version of the ex-Communists who became right-wing reactionaries in the mid-20th century (which is how we got the Buckleyites and the neocons). What we need is a Stirnerite/Nietzschean left (which is a broad enough concept to include anti-authoritarian sectors of the center and right)  in opposition to the Rousseauan/Hegelian left. Tim also embraces the standard “the economy has done well under Trump” line that is total nonsense. Trump has continued the neoliberal paradigm. His efforts to balance the trade deficit with China are peripherally a part of the wider class dynamics of the US economy because of sectors of the national security state that are concerned that the US has become overly dependent on China for military-related manufacturing.

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