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‘They never went away’: reclaiming Indigenous names from a colonial past – a photo essay

The true test of whether an individual, movement, ideology, organization, or government is authentically anti-imperialist is their stance on indigenous peoples’ rights. Virtually every regime in the world, even the most liberal ones, have awful histories and policies on indigenous peoples’ issues.

By Annette Ruzicka

The Guardian

Hit the Gibb River Road out of Derby, Western Australia, and you find yourself heading towards the northern Kimberley plateau, a breathtaking landscape of sandstone ranges, rivers and boab-dotted savannah country. About 63,000 sq km of this land is Wilinggin country of the Ngarinyin people and their connection to country dates back 60,000 years.

One of the first stops towards Wilinggin country passes the Queen Victoria Head – a rock formation bearing an uncanny resemblance to the famous monarch. While it’s a blunt reminder of colonialism, it’s also the gateway to an area that until very recently had far more dubious name – the King Leopold Ranges, named after the Belgian king responsible for grievous atrocities, brutal oppression and enslavement of African people.


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