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The Oppressed Majority?

Whether or not people are actually oppressed may not be as important politically as whether they think they are oppressed. Some on the right have insisted that many of those involved in the recent uprising “aren’t really oppressed.” Maybe so, maybe not. But they have certainly acted as though they are, which is what has real-world impact. The left may say that those on the right who claim to be oppressed really aren’t. Maybe so, maybe not. But if they act as though they are, consequences will result.

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

The cultural Marxists prate endlessly about “oppressed minorities”. A cynic might reply that it is in the nature of minorities to be oppressed. In reality, this country’s “oppressed” minorities profit mightily from their “victim” status. They get preferential treatment in hiring, boatloads of free money, and rules that allow them to behave badly while paying no penalty. It’s a pretty good racket.

One of the strangest things about early-21st century America is that not minorities, but the White, Christian majority is oppressed–and puts up with it. “Affirmative action” gives places in high-prestige universities, as well as cushy jobs, to blacks and women instead of better-qualified White males. Bakers, florists, and photographers are sued out of business by gays for refusing to violate their religious beliefs and help celebrate gay “weddings”, which are an impossibility. The entertainment industry portrays White Christians in ways that, were blacks so type-cast, would bring howls of outrage. Yet the oppressed White majority just sits there and takes it. Why?


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