Lefties get their day today

My conflicts with the “politically correct” crowd began over 30 years ago when I was involved with a left-anarchist group that was in the process of drafting its manifesto. I noticed that their statement included little about anarchism or abolishing the state, but quite a bit about the laundry list of “isms, archies, and phobias” (at least the ones that were recognized back then, many more have since been added). I suggested that perhaps a statement should be added about the oppression of left-handed people, much of the consternation of my associates who felt I wasn’t taking “concerns about oppression” seriously enough. Left-handers finally get the recognition they deserve. I’m right-handed, btw.

By Michael Person


It’s National Left-Hander’s Day, a celebration founded by the Left-Handers Club to honor leftie style.

Now in its 17th year, the day has been celebrated with right vs. left sports matches, left-handed drinking events and other activities, the club says.
In honor of the day, some tidbits about sinistrality:
Sinistrality is the formal name for left-handedness and carries quite a history.
It’s based on the Latin word “sinistra,” for “on the left.” But as time wore on, it began to accumulate associations with evil that persist today.
Throughout the ages, left-handedness has been associated with weakness, impurity or evil. Today, few would consider the left-handers in our midst evil, but they do have to endure numerous inconveniences of a right-handed world.

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