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The Oppressed Majority?

Whether or not people are actually oppressed may not be as important politically as whether they think they are oppressed. Some on the right have insisted that many of those involved in the recent uprising “aren’t really oppressed.” Maybe so, maybe not. But they have certainly acted as […]

The Gathering Storm

By William S. Lind Traditional Right As I write this in late April, the most probable course of the coronavirus (a.k.a. Flu Manchu) is that it is at or past its peak medically and case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths will decline steadily hereafter. Economically, the country will have […]

Culturally Right But Economically Left?

Bill Lind argues that a successful populism would be culturally conservative and economically liberal. It’s true that research shows that Republican voters lean to the left of their elites on economics and that Democratic voters lean to the right of their elites on social questions. But this ignores […]

The Year That Was

I suspect Bill Lind is probably right provided we don’t get another wave of COVID-19 in the fall season. By William S. Lind Traditional Right December 31, 2020 That was the year that was; it’s over, let it go. And boy, are we happy to see the last […]

Getting It

This piece by Lind could almost be a left-libertarian or left-anarchist analysis EXCEPT the cultural divide is so vast as to be unbridgeable. By William S. Lind Traditional Right The Left has adopted the word “woke” to describe people who have accepted the ideology of cultural Marxism and […]

A False God Fails

Apparently, Bill Lind has become an anarcho-Monarchist in the tradition of Tolkien, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, or Hans Hermann Hoppe. By William S. Lind Traditional Right As Great Britain moves towards its independence day, i.e., Brexit, a false god is failing: the god named “democracy”.  Prime Minister Theresa May, […]

The Marxism That Must Not Be Named

History repeating itself as a tragedy and a farce. The principal weakness of most contemporary anarchists is their failure to recognize that any set of values can be turned toward authoritarian ends, not just conservative ones, and any kind of group can act in an authoritarian manner, not […]

Bill Lind on International Geopolitics

Leading fourth generation warfare theorist Bill Lind has a number of important new posts on international relations/foreign policy up on the Traditional Right blog. By William S. Lind Traditional Right A Disastrous Decision-Or is it? (on Trump, Iran and North Korea) Israel, Gaza, and Fourth Generation Warfare Another […]

Bill Lind on Syria

I concur. By William S. Lind Traditional Right The latest cruise missile caracole aimed at Syria was militarily meaningless.  A few empty buildings were destroyed, residents of Damascus and Homs lost a couple hours of sleep and honor was satisfied.  The only thing missing was Handel’s Musick for […]

Getting Grand Strategy Wrong

By William S. Lind Traditional Right One of the iron laws of warfare is that a higher level dominates a lower. You can be brilliant tactically, but if you are defeated operationally, you lose. You can win tactically and operationally, but if you get beaten strategically, you lose. […]

Sexual Harassment

Bill Lind argues that the solution to the recent brouhaha over sexual harassment is a return to Victorian mores. I would make the polar opposite argument,i.e. that present day hysteria over “sexual harassment” is in fact a kind of neo-Victorianism, along with other manifestations of PC, e.g. anti-smoking […]

The Hezbollah Model Wins

The model that all anarchists and anti-statists need to be studying. One of our objectives should be to develop non-state political and militia confederations that will usurp many of the functions currently provided by states, with the goal of eventually superseding states. By William S. Lind Traditional Right […]

President Trump’s Fateful Choice

The Trump administration is Republican business as usual, as virtually all serious observers predicted it would be. The great thing about the Trump presidency is not only is Trump generally unpopular outside of his dying right-wing of the WASP middle class “base,” but he is demonstrating that Presidents […]

Nazism and Fascism Are Dead

By William S. Lind Traditional Right On both sides of the political spectrum the words “Nazi” and “Fascist” have come in common use.  I have bad news for both the nuts carrying swastika flags and the thugs known as the “Antifa” (for the “Anti-fascists”): Nazism and Fascism are […]

Korea and the Art of the Deal

Bill Lind on why North Korea is just an extension of traditional Korea. By William S. Lind Traditional Right As North Korea inches its way toward possessing an ICBM than can hit the United States with a nuclear warhead–both of dubious reliability–we can expect a Korean “crisis” to […]