Scott Horton and Tom Woods on Government Police Reply

This is a pretty good discussion of what real “police reform” would look like: end drug prohibition, end random traffic stops, end patrolling, end qualified immunity, allow communities to opt-out of relying on state security forces, etc. Unlike most right-libertarians, they also point out what is wrong with “private police” and “private prisons” along with the class and race dimensions of the police state. The main limitation of this discussion is that even if everything they are talking about was put into practice it would only address problems with local police. What about the federal alphabet soup agencies? The war against the police state has to be fought on all fronts and at every level: federal, state, local, tribal, private, and university. We don’t want Scandinavian social worker cops. We don’t want Latin American private mercenary police.

Listen to the interview here.

Scott Horton and Tom Woods talk about the problems with the police and the insights libertarians have into the solution.

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