Op-ed: I’m Not Ready to Trust Kamala Harris on LGBTQ+ Issues Reply

By Chase Strangio


Kamala Harris has spent her career building the carceral state. She is a skilled prosecutor, a believer in punishment and prisons, and has specifically targeted trans people and sex workers in the past five years.

I believe that people can evolve but I don’t believe that Harris has or will.

For the past decade, I have worked with transgender people in prison, jail, and other sites of detention. Through this work, I was taught that there is no justice in a legal system built on chattel slavery, indigenous genocide, and the legacies of those foundational frameworks. Prisons cannot be reformed out of white supremacy nor can the legal system be expected to transform racism and anti-Blackness. I personally do not believe in prisons and I will never trust prosecutors whose job it is to send people to cages.


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