The Ideology of the 21st Century: Anarchist Conservatism Reply

This is an interesting scholarly work, although I disagree with it in certain places. It certainly should ruffle a few feathers. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

Although it is mostly accepted that the ideologies of conservatism and anarchism are at the very opposite sides of the political thought spectrum, this paper is based on its own speculation that conservatism and anarchism are based on the same grounds. In fact, apart from sharing same philosophical roots, these two ideologies are establishing a neutral alliance spontaneously on the basis of anarcho-capitalism. As a matter of fact, one step further than alliance, conservatism and anarchism are becoming two sides of the same coin and this new ideology can be labelled as anarchist conservatism. This essay aims to reveal and highlight the characteristics of this new ideology in a critical manner.

The list of overlapping ideas between anarchism and traditional European conservative that the article presents is interesting. I’ve often been asked how anarchist like myself became associated with tendencies like the European New Right or the American paleoconservatives (a friend once called me a “synthesist-anarchist paleoconservative”). Here is the answer:

The Similarities of Anarchism and Conservatism:

Attack on Modernism
Resistance to human progress
Attack on Enlightenment
Attack on Nation States
Attack on modern state

Admiration of Feudalism
Admiration of rural life
Self improvement elitism
Against public authority
Norms and morality
LaissezFaire Capitalism
No artificial manipulation
Organic Harmony
Natural formation
Privatization and Deregulation
No social service
Negative Liberty
Neighbourhood Watch


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