Biden VP Pick IMMINENT, New Tea Leaves Reveal Who Has Inside Track

At this point, I am inclined to think Susan Rice will be Biden’s running mate. The plan of the dominant factions of the ruling class seems to be to get rid of Trump, whom they regard as a loose cannon with “dangerous” isolationist instincts, elect Biden and then cart Sleepy Joe the Pedo off to a nursing home, with the Veep acting a the de facto Prez. Susan Rice would be their ideal pick, a technocratic State Department insider with experience in empire management within a liberal internationalist but hawkish framework.

The power elite seems to (correctly) regard Kamala Harris as a sleazy gold-digger and opportunist who is untrustworthy in addition to her lack of foreign policy experience.  The other potential picks are too inexperienced, too inflammatory from a “culture war” perspective (the neocons and Never Trump Repugs are an influential part of the Biden coalition) or, in the case of Lizzie the Scamster, too rhetorically threatening from an economics perspective.

If the Democraps do not choose Rice, it will probably be because they don’t think she is sellable to the “progressive” wing fo their party. The main thing the Democratic strategists are worried about is low voter turnout (particularly given the pandemic). They probably know they fucked up in 2016 by taking their “left” voters for granted and focusing exclusively on swing voters and anti-Trump Republicans. This time they probably want to make sure they have both their left and right flanks covered.


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  1. I’ve got a small PredictIt bet on Val Demings being the pick, since she’s the only one who makes even a little bit of sense from the standpoint of possibly winning the election. But so far as I can tell, the need to actually think about how to win the election isn’t something that’s even occurred to the Democratic establishment this year, so …

  2. Dems need every single black vote this year they can get. Kamala as California AG placed more blacks in prison for drug-related offenses and petty crimes then many of her recent predecessors. This could cost Biden a fair number of black votes. Trump could again hit from the left flank with devastating results.

  3. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’ve voted both parties all of my life, which is a long time. I vote for the candidates I want to support, not the party. I watched every debate and was not impressed with the lineup. I was disappointed that the Dems went with Joe Biden. I’ve been waiting to see who Biden was going to pick as V.P. before making my final decision. In his selection of Harris, Biden has lost my vote. No, thank you. I don’t want Harris as my anything, much less potential president; count me out.

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