WalkAway Interview Clips with Keri Smith and Mike Harlow Reply

Former SJWs are interviewed by Gavin McInness. What I find most interesting about this is how closely it resembles the various atheist podcasts featuring former religious fundamentalists and cult members talking about how they “walked away.” In fact, years ago, there was a newsletter for former evangelicals called “Walk Away.”Although what I find troubling and unfortunate is that many of these people seem to be embracing Republicanism or neoliberalism in some form, just like many former religious fundamentalists will ironically become fanatical SJWs, and just as many former Communists during the Stalin era because ultra-right-wing reactionaries and/or neocons. I don’t really consider SJWism to be “Marxism” per se, but what we need is to emphasize the writings of Stirner, Proudhon, Bakunin, Goldman, Berkman, and other anarchist critics of authoritarian leftism, as an antidote to both SJWism and its counterparts on the right.

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