The unbelievable story behind a tiny self-declared nation

Get creative, folks.

Stars Insider

Nearly everyone has dreamt of ruling over their own country, but few can say they’ve ever done it. Enter the Republic of Molossia: a self-proclaimed micro-nation located within the US that has its own currency, passports, space program, war history, and much, much more—all created by one man. Check out this gallery for everything you need to know about this great and tiny country. Kevin Baugh and a friend were teenagers when they first had the idea to create their own micronation, separate from the US, called the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. The friend eventually grew out of the concept, but on September 3, 1999, Baugh founded the Republic of Molossia. With just 1.3 acres to its name, this tiny nation sits in the arid Nevada desert. Its government building is where the First Family resides.


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