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The Nonsense Politics of PragerU

PragerU more or less epitomizes what gets passed off as contemporary American “conservatism,” which is basically a defense of the hegemony of the remnants of the 19th-century industrial bourgeoisie, American exceptionalism, the traditional American civil religion,  and a defense of the American empire, plus paeons to the American know-nothing tradition and low church evangelicalism, with postwar right-wing Zionism being added into the mix. There is much of intellectual value in the European conservative tradition and within aspects of the American conservative tradition (e.g. Russell Kirk, Robert Nisbet, Albert Jay Nock, Richard Weaver, etc.) even if one ultimately rejects its conclusions. But this crap isn’t it. The Chomsky video at the bottom of this post gets it right. This is the kind of popular-level “conservatism” that gets passed off among reasonably intelligent people at the lay level, who are largely dupes for the right-wing of the ruling class.

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