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Joe Biden’s Costly, Radical Race and Gender Agenda

The Neocon Review attacks Biden’s embrace of totalitarian humanism. Many of them are probably secretly hoping Biden will get elected, and worry that Biden will push centrist voters to the right with this stuff. Ever since the Trump era began, the neocons have been divided between those who are Never Trumpers and those who embrace Trumpism. The Never Trumper neocons like Kristol and Will think he is too isolationist on foreign policy, too protectionist for the tastes of the neocons’ corporate donors on trade, and too xenophobic (thereby depriving corporate donors of foreign labor, while alienating suburban centrist and urban cosmopolitan Republican voters). The Trumpist Republicans like Horowitz and Prager only care that Trump sucks Bibi Netanyahu’s cock. Evangelotards like David French worry Trump will harm Republican minority outreach efforts. “VD” Hansen figures that at least Trump stands up to the PC crowd and hates Iran. Bennie the Greedster Shapiro seems somewhere in the middle of all of these.

Another interesting fact is that there is not even a hint of any kind of liberal or left ACLU-like civil libertarianism in Biden’s program. His domestic program is just all politically correct statism. He even opposes legalizing marijuana, which a supermajority of Democrats and the majority of the general public supports.

National Review

Joe Biden says he wants equality. Who could be against that? But if just declaring yourself in favor of equality were enough, we would not still be arguing about equality in 2020. As always, when politicians talk about inequality, watch your wallet. And in this case, watch the Constitution, too.

In the past week, the Biden campaign has announced plans of Castro-esque length aimed at racial equality and women’s equality. We suppose we should at least welcome Biden’s continued willingness to use that old-fashioned word “women.” But Biden is so stuck in the past that he would pronounce the Equal Rights Amendment already ratified based on state legislative approvals in the 1970s.

The deadline for the expiration of those long-ago votes was so clear, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg considers them dead letters. Biden would go further, demanding Senate ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a radical-feminist 1970s treaty under which even Scandinavian countries get hectored for allowing women to assume the primary role in child-rearing. Biden would also restore the Obama-era unilateral executive fiat under which domestic violence and sexual violence are made the basis for political asylum, a position with no basis in the immigration laws enacted by Congress, and no limiting principle.



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