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“Progressives Must Learn to Fight Dirty” – Prof. David Faris

A political scientist describes the methods the Democrats will eventually use to create a one-party state (which he favors as a “progressive”). The Dutton strategy that was devised in 1970 (co-optation of the cultural left by corporate liberals) is nearly complete half a century later. As soon as the demographic, cultural, economic, and generational change has taken root to the point that the Democrats have a comfortable majority (thereby no longer having to contend with that pesky Electoral College), they will use the methods recommended by David Faris to establish permanent rule: making Puerto Rico and DC into states and creating more states (thereby allowing permanent Democratic domination of the Senate), reenacting Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme, extending voting rights to non-citizens, prisoners, and illegal immigrants, creating more House districts, etc.

The neocons, hawks, and capitalists that are defecting from the Republicans will simply be the right-wing of the one-party state and continue to run foreign policy, the neoliberal “centrists” will continue to run the economy, and the totalitarian humanists will run social policy, education, media, cultural institutions, law, etc.  Formal democracy with regular elections will still exist, of course, with the GOP being a token opposition party that only has regional influence, and which the neoliberals will use as a constant hobgoblin to be attacked in order to manipulate and control the cultural left with constant fears of “fascism.”

Meanwhile, the one-party state will ensure that the actual economic, foreign policy, civil libertarian, decentralist, authentically anti-police, etc. sectors of the left remain marginalized and/or attacked as “fascist” or “far-right.” Greens and eco-radicals will be attacked as “eco-fascists” (it’s already happening). Post-leftists will be attacked as “nihilist-fascists” (it’s already happening). Localist movements will be considered “neighborhood Nazis” (it’s already happening). Black separatists will be attacked as fascists and anti-Semites (already happening). Indigenous self-determination movements will be attacked as “indigenous nationalists” who are legitimizing fascism (already happening). Anti-vaxxers will be attacked as reactionary opponents of science who are fueling fascism (already happening). Conspiracists will be attacked as fascists (already happening). Foreign policy hawks will denounce Russia, China, Iran, Syria, the DPRK, any nation that resists the empire to even a modest degree, as “fascist,” neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, etc. (already happening) and the scaredy-cat wokesters will absorb this (already happening). Minorities, women, gays, etc. who speak critically of the totalitarian humanist regime will be attacked as race traitors, “inauthentic,” Uncle Toms, having internalized oppression, having false consciousness, etc. (already happening).


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