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Congress set for brawl as unemployment cliff looms

Class struggle is on the way. A set of dangers that we will face in the future will be efforts by left-wing and right-wing authoritarians to exploit the class issues as a means of gaining state power. We already see this happening across the political spectrum, with sectors of the Republican Party adopting a faux populism, elements of the Alt-Right embracing National-Bolshevism, neo-Communism rising on the far-left, and, of course, our ever-lovely SJWs. Although I don’t think the SJWs will be able to co-opt the class issues very easily given that most of them are actually privileged class people which may have the ironic effect of pushing the unemployed homeless masses toward right-wing anti-capitalism and/or Marxism. An interesting situation is presently developing where the SJW left is being co-opted by the ruling class on one hand, while class divisions are accelerating at a rapid pace on the other hand, creating a system where the “woke” elite are pitted against the economically sinking lower socioeconomic classes. Notice how the neoliberals have easily co-opted wokeness while at the same time blocking even very moderate social democrats like Sanders.

By Jordain Carney

The Hill

Congress is barreling toward a showdown over federal unemployment benefits, with millions of Americans hanging in the balance.As part of the March $2.2 trillion coronavirus bill, Congress agreed to a $600-per week plus-up of unemployment benefits, but those are set to start expiring in a matter of days. What to replace it with is shaping up to be a clash as lawmakers and the White House prepare to negotiate the fifth coronavirus bill. “What’s going to happen on Saturday, all the pain, all the suffering … did not have to happen,” Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.), the top Democrat on the Finance Committee, said of the looming deadline.

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