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A Conclave of America’s Top CEOs Talks Race and Making Change

The aristocracy realizes there is money to be made in pretending to be friends of the peasants and mouthing the platitudes of the clerisy, all the while building the new feudalism. Notice that this statement contains nothing about class or economic subjects, just the standard Do-Gooders, Inc. laundry list.

“Executives’ outspokenness on political and social issues is relatively new. Reflexively deflecting controversy—to avoid the risk of angering customers, shareholders, employees or board members—began to change with the push to legalize same-sex marriage and corporate support of gun regulation and climate-change action. More broadly, surveys increasingly show that consumers and employees expect bosses and brands to articulate values. Chiefs of consumer-facing brands have said they feel pressure to align with their customers.”

By Kathryn Dill

Wall Street Journal

Leaders of General Motors Co., Johnson & Johnson, American Airlines Group Inc. and other big businesses gathered via Zoom this week for a roundtable about the business impacts of the coronavirus. With protests gaining momentum across the U.S., the participants quickly changed the subject.

What followed was a rare peer-to-peer conversation among more than 300 chief executives, mayors and government officials about race relations and social justice—and the public role plenty of chief executive officers now see for themselves.


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