Fourth Generation Warfare

Let’s talk about Portland and Trump’s move….

This commentator is being facetious when he says that the Trump administration is actually trying to fuel the protest movement in Portland, but I am not convinced that is not actually the case. The Trump campaign wants there to be civil unrest so they can appeal to their conservative base with law and order rhetoric. Also, the Deep State are the ones ultimately in charge of the state security forces, not Trump (remember they overruled his idea of sending out the army to quell the riots).

Ironically, the anti-Trump forces within the system (which includes much of the Deep State) also wants there to be civil unrest in order to make Trump look like an incompetent moron (as if Trump needs any help with that). Various sectors of the power elite are trying to use the uprising to their advantage. The left-wing of the system wants to weaponize the protests against Trump, and the Trumpists want to use the protests as a scapegoat to distract from their own incompetence.

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  1. This guy is completely dishonest. For example, he says that race is simply a matter of “skin shade.” Yet even very dumb people can understand the concept of an ancestry group. It would have been easy for you to make your point without linking to the video of a mendacious clown, but then I recall you were once a fan of Alex Jones.

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