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First Comes Police Reform. Then Comes Everything Else.

I am skeptical as to whether there will be meaningful “police reform” beyond a few token gestures and even that only in deep blue zones like New York, Portland, or Denver. The main reason why I am skeptical is that the urban professional-managerial class “liberals” and woke suburban soccer moms who are the primary constituencies for the joke that passes as the “left” in the present-day American political scene are terrified of lower-class crime. Why do you think they are so hysterically in favor of gun control? As soon as there is a significant spike in crime rates (which will likely increase significantly in the years ahead due to deteriorating class relations, economic and social conditions), these same folks will start writing articles for The Atlantic on how the anti-police fervor of 2020 was an overreach and how we need to get back to allegedly “sensible” anti-crime policies, only in a “sensitive” manner with more minority, female, and LGBTQIAA+ cops. I saw the same thing happen in the 80s when “liberal” opinion turn against the drug culture during the crack “epidemic” with the hope of getting some mileage out of Ronnie Raygun’s “just say no” dumbassery.

By Adam Harris

The Atlantic

People protest to signal that they are fed up with the status quo. But protest is rarely singularly focused. People are in the streets this summer over the murder of George Floyd, but the current racial reckoning in America goes far beyond lethal policing. People are in the streets because Black students are five times more likely than white students to attend highly segregated schools. Because Black unemployment is regularly twice the white unemployment rate. Because racist housing policies have locked Black families into unequal neighborhoods and out of the prospect of building wealth.


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