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Trump Announces Big Escalation With China Over Hong Kong

The USA had the uprising in CHAZ, and the PRC had the uprising in Hong Kong. Both Trump and Xi Jinping can go fuck themselves.

The Americans are concerned that one of the major provinces (China) in the global capitalist empire (in which the US ruling class is the senior partner) is getting a bit uppity, and using the Hong Kong issue as some political leverage against the Chinese.

The main thing that I like about Trump is that being an incompetent moron who talks like a mafia ordering a hit, he presents the state as it actually should be presented, i.e. as organized writ large (which may be somewhat defamatory of organized crime). I figured that would be the case when he was running for prez which is why I was inclined to root for him from the apathetic sidelines.

I also figured that Trump would be the symbolic figurehead for the gallant last stand of traditional WASP America and that his eventual flameout would be the final defeat of the remnants of the pre-1968 culture, meaning that the right-wing of the system would largely be vanguished leaving us true anti-systemists with only one enemy rather than two, the rising forces of totalitarian humanism rooted in the left-wing of the managerial class and its ideology of Cromwellian/Khomeinist “wokeness.”


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