Anarcho-Synergism: A New Tendency?

From the Anarcho-Synergy Ball project:
Anarcho synergism is a synergistic union of market economies and gift economies via mutual respect for freedom of association. More specifically, how anarcho-synergism works is by using a system of labor unions, competitive consumer unions, and communes to create as much competition in the market place as possible. In short, what we aim to do is leverage the best of both economic types (without forcing either to participate in either) by making trade agreements between the consumer unions and the communes that would be along the lines of “ancoms providing certain necessities (think food, toilet paper, etc.) and eventually they would be providing more than just the necessities once they acquire the means to do so) and ancaps providing the means to acquire new technological innovations and resources from there market place via the consumer unions.”

The majority of the disagreement in anarchist circles stems from our definitions of the words we use. The problem with information is that even though it’s objective, people’s perception and understanding of it is subjective. Capitalism/Socialism can mean one thing to you and something completely different to me, and the only way for there to be true and complete communication regarding it is if we not only use the same definition but perceive that definition and apply it in the same manner. If we don’t then we aren’t actually refuting each other, we’re talking past each other. Anytime our definitions and perceptions of those definitions don’t match, the important questions must be asked.
Do you care more about their definition of the word, or do you care more about trying to get them to understand the point you’re making about the topic concept? Is the word you’re talking about the only way in which you can make the point, or can you use another word or phrase to make it instead? I really think if anarchists dropped the buzzwords (capitalism, socialism, communism, exploitation, profit, private, personal, hierarchy, etc) and instead focused on the concept/idea/point, the anarchist community wouldn’t be such a shit show. So I actually want to challenge all the anarchists on this. Try having debates and arguments without using the typical buzzwords that constantly derail the conversation. Why? Because it forces you to articulate and think about what you say in a different manner. It forces you to be more precise and descriptive. I’m willing to bet that at least SOME disagreement between segments of anarchism will disappear if people try this.

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  1. I’m sorry, but in my short experience, an-caps have no issues with an-coms in principle. Market anarchism already allows for unions, gifting, mutualism, and even full out communism as long as it is voluntary.

    We are just waiting for ya’ll to stop being totalitarian D-bags.

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