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  1. Demographic changes via mass non-white immigration will doom Republicans whose base of support are largely ‘Old-Stock’ white Americans. The corporate and wealthy interests who fund the GOP have been the most fanatic proponents of mass immigration and their lust for cheap labor and new multi-hued consumers will kill their party entirely. We are going the way of South Africa and the GOP will end up like the National Party under the old government, a small regional party.

    • Yes, for some time I have thought that unless the Republicans find a way to radically reinvent themselves, they will end up merely being a marginal party, with limited influence outside the South and Midwest, and even there only in rural areas, small towns, and some secondary cities. The National Party analogy is apt. In fact, some establish Republicans seem to recognize that and are now throwing in their lot with the Democrats, or trying to distance themselves from the Trumpists by presenting themselves as some kind of middle-of-the-road alternative.

      Although an important difference between the US and SA is that the racial demographics are almost entirely in reverse. In the old SA, whites were the ruling ethnic group with only 10% fo the population, with blacks having close to 80% majority. In the US, whites were a 90% majority until a few decades ago, and are still a 60-70% majority. Another issue is that whites in SA are split 60-40 into two distinct ethnic groups, while whites in the US tend to be an amorphous mass of light-skinned people of many European ethnicities. When apartheid fell, government in SA essentially became a matter of switching from white rule to black rule. But the shrinking size of the white population in the US doesn’t mean there is going to be any new ethnic majority. Instead, everyone will be a minority fractured into multiple subgroups.

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