American Decline

The Never Trumpers May Destroy Him. Then What?

If the predicted future scenario outlined in this article is correct, and I suspect it probably is, the Democrats will be the dominant party in the future, with its leadership being a neoliberal/neoconservative pro-ruling class coalition. The Republicans will be a token Tucker Carlsonized right-wing opposition party, mostly comprised of middle-aged and elderly white voters in the South, Midwest, and rural areas. The Left will be in thrall to the Democrats, paralyzed by fear of the “fascist” Republicans. The Democratic leadership will placate the Left will a constant barrage of symbolic and substanceless “woke” social policies that do not threaten the Empire or class interests of the power elite. Meanwhile, class relations will continue to deteriorate with more and more people being driven toward “extremist” viewpoints. The power elite’s position seems to be that they don’t need to care about class issues because they’ve got too much wealth, power, and technology to ever be threatened by a class-based insurgency. We’ll see. The ranks of the lumpenproletariat are growing. About 1 in 3 Americans are on the verge of homelessness. That’s “Third World” levels of poverty.

The next wave of “class struggle” is not going to be about unions when most of the workforce works in transient service industry part-time jobs or the gig economy. Third World poverty is going to produce a Third World model of class struggle, i.e. full-blown terrorism against a political system that is obviously indifferent and intransigent. What is most interesting is that almost no commentators, whether in the mainstream or on the fringes, have recognized what actually happened in May-June 2020.

The USA was faced with an insurrection by the lumpenproletariat as a class, akin to the peasant rebellions of the middle-ages. Both the mainstream media and further left/liberal opinion have insisted on framing the narrative as a civil rights uprising against police brutality (which was obviously present but mostly a side issue) with conservative media and opinion leaders falling back on the “leftist agitators and riotous minorities undermining law and order for decent people” Spiro Agnew-wannabe narrative, which completely misses the point as well. Many in the protest movement have characterized the “rioters and looters” as a regrettable and unrepresentative sideshow to the supposed main event, which was allegedly just about do-gooder protesting. That perspective has it precisely backward. The “rioters and looters” were the main event (the actual lumpenproletarian insurrection) with the protest movement largely being the kinds of middle-class hangers-on you often find in revolutionary situations.

The US ruling class is going to learn the hard way.

By Matt Lewis

The Daily Beast

The Never Trumpers at the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump may help defeat Donald Trump. But what comes after?

What are their legacies? Are they embraced by the Democrats, and if so, what does the future of the Democratic Party look like? How about the GOP? Are they welcomed back with open arms? Or do they achieve their goal, only to end up politically homeless?

It’s easy to dismiss Donald Trump as a norm-busting existential threat. But what happens when he’s gone? Sometimes when you topple a strongman, you end up with something even worse.


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