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Authorities execute search warrant on St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters

This case is going to be a major culture war focus. Anyone who wants to know what’s going on politically right now needs to read Carl Schmitt’s “The Concept of the Political” and “The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy,” which were written in the 1920s as the Weimar Republic was falling apart. Increasingly, the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe view each other as existential enemies (Schmitt’s “friend/enemy” distinction). Likewise,  bourgeois liberal concepts such as “parliamentary democracy” or “rule fo law” can only function when all sides recognize the process as legitimate and the losing side is willing to lose peacefully or gracefully on the assumption they will get another chance, or when there is some basic consensus on what law is or ought to be.

By Marty Johnson

Authorities in St. Louis have executed a search warrant at the home of the couple who made national headlines when they brandished a pair of guns at Black Lives Matter protestors who were marching past their house. Two local news stations, KMOV and KSDK, reported that the warrant was carried out Friday night at Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s house in St. Louis’ affluent Central West End neighborhood. KSDK reported that the search resulted in police seizing the rifle that Mark McCloskey was seen holding during the incident.


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  1. Why do I click on this “read more” and get: “It’s Not Just Face Masks. Everything Is Now a Political Death Match.” ?

  2. This is a biased quote from the article:

    “”My office is currently working with the public and the police to investigate these events,” she said on June 29. “Make no mistake: We will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights, and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable.”.

    This statement falsely implies that a crowd of people is entitled to violate laws (such as trespass) merely because it can be said that they are “exercising their First Amendment Rights”.

    It has been said that the crowd was walking down a private street. It has also been said that a gate was broken. Except for the biases of the MSM, I’d expect we would have heard more about these claims.

    Read literally, the First Amendment is a restriction on the Federal Congress to prohibit freedom of speech and assembly for purpose of redress of grievances: It is not a blanket authorization to ignore anti-trespass laws.

    Also, of course, the couple didn’t “use force”: They didn’t fire their guns, they carried them.

    My position is that the 2nd Amendment did not “grant”, it actually guaranteed, the RTKBA that the Founding Fathers believed already existed in 1789, when the Bill of Rights was written.
    So, I believe that any gun law which didn’t generally exist in 1789, and was later adopted, amounted to a literal ‘infringement’ of the RTKBA.

    Meaning, the only people who could be legitimately denied RTKBA are:
    1. Those currently in jail or prison.
    2. Slaves. (But that problem was solved with the 13th and 14th Amendments.)

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