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‘Master’ bedroom name to change due to overarching theme

As Krystal Ball recently said, “Capitalists are going to capitalist.”

And what are these virtue-signaling realtors going to do to make housing more available or affordable to the poor communities of Houston, some of whom are actually black? Are they going to lower rents, reduce real estate sale prices, advocate for the repeal of zoning, land use, and housing regulations that constrict the supply of low-income housing, or push for more multi-unit housing developments? Are they going to push for more homeless shelters, ending police harassment of the homeless, allowing squatting, or repeal regulations against living in vehicles? Uh, probably not. LOL.

I would also point out that most municipal and county governments are oligarchies controlled by the largest employers, local branches of major banks and corporations, and dominant real estate interests in the area.

By Raven Ambers

ABC 13 News/Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Houston Association of Realtors, commonly know as HAR, has made changes to its room descriptions on its online property database, replacing the term “master” with “primary.”

Master bedroom and master bathroom will now say primary bedroom and primary bath.

“Some of these changes are simply good faith exercises to demonstrate awareness of historic improprieties or inequities,” said Associate Prof. of Business at the University of Houston – Downtown Dietrich von Biedenfeld.

“Particularly in the south, we’ve had master slave culture. So, on a plantation, you would have a master of that domain who would then exercise control and dominance over enslaved or indentured servants, and so historically, to say that the master lives in a certain place, then it’s sort of creates a tone that minorities are excluded.”

The change comes after weeks of protests for racial equality and years of discussion about changing the terminology.


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