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Europe Travel: U.S. Banned But Here’s 14 Countries Who Can Visit

By Tamara Thiessen


After four months of travel bans, Europe will soon officially be open to visitors from at least 14 countries. Not the U.S. Nor Brazil and Russia. But Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea yes.

After much debate, particularly over criteria for inclusion, the final list of approved countries should be revealed early this week. EU officials wrangled again on Friday over which countries will make it on to the list, and those who will not.

According to Le Monde this resulted in a list of 14 countries who’ll get the green light to Europe travel from July 1. The list is to be reviewed every fortnight, as Europe’s international tourism comeback gradually unfurls. No doubt it will steadily be expanded upon.

Here are the early birds in alphabetical order, for whom the EU plans to first lift the travel ban:


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