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Americans Are Selfish Deluded Assholes


Yeah this virus isn’t going anywhere and its because we are a bunch of selfish deluded assholes. It is so shitty that those of you who are scientifically illiterate have decided to turn this into a political issue. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING POLITICAL ISSUE! Read the science and follow it! This isn’t the dark ages! You have the information to understand just how terrible your actions are BUT YOU REFUSE to do the leg work. You refuse to help prevent the spread because it may not have effected you directly yet (although, to some extent it has effected almost everyone on the planet). Well I got some fucking news for you: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO EXISTS! Shocking, I know….

But its not as deadly as they first said it was” PLOT TWIST: Even if you survive it the first time around, you might have recurring symptoms:
You might also have scarring on your lungs:
Even asymptomatic people are not immune to lung damage:
Also, children may suffer from a Kawasaki disease like illness even if they are asymptomatic:
Also, blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks:
Lasty, flattening the curve is important because healthcare systems can be quickly overrun with patients suffering from COVID-19. This means other emergency patients will find it more difficult to find care. I already know someone who lost a loved one because of this. It is going to get worse in the winter because of our collective ignorance.
This isn’t something that just effects a small handful of people. This literally effects the entire world! But you still want to dig your heels in just the same? If this is you, just know that I am judging you very harshly at this point, because I am FUCKING SICK of the fact that many of us have to deal with the consequences of your stupid, ignorant actions. Wear the fucking mask and stop hanging out in crowds. I don’t give a fuck if its summer time.

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  1. Poor guy can’t even tell the difference between affect and effect and this barely literate person who’s obviously emotionally disturbed fancies himself “scientifically informed”. In a few years, if sanity and rational thinking is ever regained he will be ashamed of his foolishness. Do not fear. Panic is not the way you find solutions.

    • Magister Ludi is a fucking idiot and also has sex with his mother. I heard they gave each other COVID.

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