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Cooptation as Ruling Class Strategy

Kudos to my old Internet “friend” Matthew Lyons. However oblivious he may be to the neo-Jacobin/neo-Maoist Blue Tribe Khomeinists, when it comes to the issue of ruling cooptation, he gets it. I agree with every word of this. Read the full article here. These two passages from the article summarize things pretty well.

The business community abandoned New Deal liberalism starting in the late 1970s, partly for economic and geostrategic reasons and partly in response to grassroots-based right-wing backlash. But to assume that capitalists are automatically committed to neoliberalism or right-wing authoritarianism is to take a dangerously narrow view of ruling-class politics.

However, they continued developing a Black capitalist class through other methods. Today’s U.S. ruling class is still white dominated and still upholds a system of racial oppression, but it includes a significantly greater sprinkling of Black and Brown faces than it did fifty years ago, and it has embraced an ideology of multicultural “inclusion” in its leading institutions far beyond what McGeorge Bundy promoted.

I would argue that for quite some time, the dominant ruling class approach has been a combination of all of these. Right-wing authoritarianism in foreign policy in the sense of consistenly expanding imperialism, and in domestic state policy in terms of consistently expanding the police state. Neoliberalism in economics, and the “inclusion” ideology in social policy. This article reminds of the work of some far-left Marxist-Leninist guys like Mike Parenti and Caleb Maupin, in the sense of being very insightful in terms of how the US system actually works, however blinkered their own ideology may be.

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