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Racism, Classism, Statism, or All of the Above?


The way these things work is that while the state will make use of anyone of any race who does their bidding, a principal function of the state is class subjugation, with some but not all minority ethnic groups (indigenous American blacks, Native Americans, Caribbeans, mestizos, African refugees, some Southeast Asians) being statistically much more likely to be concentrated in the most subordinated classes. An affluent person can still experience racial prejudice and a white person can still experience class prejudice (and even race prejudice in some cultural, geographical, institutional, or socioeconomic contexts). An overly determinist approach to these things doesn’t work very well. We also seem to be moving towards a norm where ideological affiliation is just as important as religious affiliation,  and where social identity (for example, LGBTQ, gun owner, cop, or environmentalist) is just as important as an ethnic identity.



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