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Influencers are slammed for posing in BLACKFACE in a horribly misguided effort to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

To be fair, the people doing this seem to be outside the Anglosphere and don’t understand the cultural significance of this in the Atlanticist world.

By Carly Stern

Daily Mail

  • Several Instagrammers have shared photos of themselves in black and brown makeup accompanied by anti-racism captions
  • The Instagram users are from all over the world, including the UAE, Lebanon, Philippines, Germany, Poland, Algeria, and Turkey
  • When called out, several – including Lebanese singer Tania Saleh – have gone on the defensive; only a couple have apologized
  • Blackface originated with minstrel shows in the 1830s, which used characters portraying negative black stereotypes
  • The characters strengthened racism and helped ‘codify whiteness’ in the US


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