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A New Kind of Totalitarianism

By Troy Southgate

I see that sections of the American Right are now accusing Bogeyman Soros of helping to bring about a ‘colour revolution’ on home soil. How convenient. That’s how it works, you see. The Left gets taken in by the lies that have been generated by the System and the Right defends that very same System to the hilt, even to the point of reinforcing the credentials of its own alleged opposition. In other words, not only has racism against Black people been taken out of context as a means of hiding the very real persecution that is being faced by all races who live under the country’s police state, but those who try to separate the riots and demonstrations from the System are helping to sustain the illusion.

Ask yourself one question: do you really believe that a government concerned about the spread of public disorder would mention the perpetrators by name in presidential tweets or cover every minute detail of what is happening on every single television station? It is perfectly simple to bring to an end to these disturbances and all it takes is to withdraw the oxygen of publicity and let Antifa, BLM and anyone one who claims to oppose the System expire on the spot. The streets would be clear within two days. People would go home. It simply wouldn’t be fashionable any more. The fact this hasn’t happened is because the media wing of the System is the driving force behind all mass mobilisations of this kind and we all know who pulls its strings.

One finds a similar situation in the British Isles, where the mainstream newspapers are already talking about the possibility of summer riots due to the ongoing lockdown situation. In fact the molotov cocktails are probably being passed around right now, as a direct consequence of media encouragement. In fact I’m surprised the Anarchist Cookbook isn’t being serialised in the pages of the Guardian and New York Times. It remains to be seen whether these events are being used to further undermine the economies of Europe and North America in the way that coronavirus got the ball rolling initially, but at the very least this will give the System an excuse to usher in a more dystopian society. Current events, founded upon the regurgitation of one Establishment lie after another, are marked by a particular form of irrationality and day after day it is becoming increasingly clear that the people on the Right and Left of the political spectrum are helping to steer us towards a new age of totalitarianism, censorship, repression, imprisonment, torture and genocide. The problem, as always, is that most people are far too busy taking sides to learn from the lessons of history.

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