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Joe Biden’s ideal VP is Condoleezza Rice

If I were a political comedy writer, I couldn’t make up stuff any better than this.

I would indeed agree that this would make for the ideal neocon/neoliberal ruling class unity regime. It is clear that ruling class elements, whatever their differences, realize dissent is growing from all over the place. Consequently, they are circling their wagons and forming a stronger tactical alliance.

They see Trump as a meddlesome interloper, loose canon, and incompetent manager. They think even the unbelievably milquetoast populism of a Bernie Sanders or Krystal Ball from the Left, or a Tucker Carlson or Saager Enjeti from the Right is a potential threat to their interests, not because it is an actual threat, but because it might pave the way for more radical tendencies that could potentially become a threat at some point.

By Laurence Kotlikoff

The Hill

The Washington Post just named its top 11 vice presidential picks for Joe Biden. They’re all women, and they’re all Democrats. Each is reasonable, intelligent, articulate and brilliant. Each deeply respects the Constitution. Each, therefore, is far more qualified than President Trump to lead our country.

But given the ongoing, enormous national protests of George Floyd’s horrific killing by a white policeman and his complicit associates, Biden should and most likely will choose a black running mate. It’s not just the times; it’s the politics. Had as many black voters turned out for Hillary Clinton as did for President Obama, Secretary Clinton would now be president and our long national nightmare with President Trump would never have begun.

Five of the Washington Post-designated VP candidates are black. But each comes with a considerable drawback. Only Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has national name recognition. The rest – former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) – do not.


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  1. I’m no constitutional fetishist but the idea that any of these morons “deeply respects the constitution” is laughable on its face.

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