Confederate and Columbus statues toppled by US protesters

This kind of stuff may be a psychological victory for some people, but at the cost of alienating rural southern whites and Italian-Americans, many of whom have had plenty of run-ins with cops or the state. Think strategically, folks. Pushing inter-tribal warfare is a bad idea. If people don’t want these artifacts in their local area then they should move them to Redneckville, Little Italy, or a museum.

These kinds of actions also demonstrate the limitations of “left” thinking in other ways. Although it would certainly be tactically stupid, if these folks were consistent in their anti-imperialist, anti-racist, class struggle, etc, thinking, they would be vandalizing “Americanist” monuments as well, e.g. those commemorating figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (slaveholders), Andrew Jackson (Trail of Tears), Grover Cleveland (labor represser), Woodrow Wilson (racist and uber-imperialist), FDR (racist and persecutor of Japanese-Americans), Harry Truman (incinerator of Japanese), LBJ (invader of Vietnam), Nixon (invader of Cambodia), etc etc. Also, opponents of the “War on Drugs” should certainly be vandalizing the Reagan airport in DC and the George H W Bush airport in Houston.

What we apparently have here is a bunch of liberals, leftists, minorities, and anarchists who are merely trying to be good Americans and integrated into the Empire. They do not seek the destruction of imperialism or the state, they just want a more multicultural, feminized, gayized Empire, and the majority of the ruling seems happy to oblige.


Statues of Confederate leaders and the explorer Christopher Columbus have been torn down in the US, as pressure grows on authorities to remove monuments connected to slavery and colonialism.

A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was toppled in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday night.

Elsewhere in the city, a statue of Columbus was pulled down, set alight and thrown into a lake a day earlier.

Anti-racism protests have re-ignited debates over US historical monuments.

Memorials to the Confederacy, a group of southern states that fought to keep black people as slaves in the American Civil War of 1861-65, have been among those targeted by demonstrators taking to the streets after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

A three-metre tall (10ft) bronze statue of Italian explorer Columbus was also toppled in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Wednesday.

Statues of Columbus in Boston, Massachusetts and in Miami, Florida were also vandalised. The one in Boston, which stands on a plinth at the heart of town, was beheaded.


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