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COURT DOCUMENTS: George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal

It does not matter one iota what George Floyd’s criminal record is.

Terms like “guilt,” “innocence,” “crime,” “law,” “justice,” etc. are System terms, not ours. One of the things we need to take from them is a monopoly on the definition of these terms. The fight against the state should be about everyone, from the most high-minded do-gooders to the lowest criminals to the most “progressive” latte-slurping cosmopolitans to the scummiest racist hillbillies.

That George Floyd may or may not have been a scumbag in his personal life is irrelevant to the struggle against the state.

The unfortunate death of George Floyd which sparked a Civil War like atmosphere in America has now snowballed into worldwide protests. All four officers involved have now been suspended, arrested and charged. Floyd had moved to Minneapolis after being released from Texas prison for aggravated robbery. He was under the influence of fentanyl and methamphetamine at the time of arrest. He went to jail for at least 5 times and a look at George Floyd’s profile as per court documents reads like a career criminal involved in drug abuse, theft, criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery as well as entering a woman’s home and pointing a gun at her stomach while looking for drugs and money.

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