Anarchists & ‘Antifa’ occupy Seattle police station abandoned by ‘regime’ forces, set up ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’

I seriously doubt it is only anarchists or Antifa who are involved in this even in a deep blue zone like Seattle.  The uprisings over the past couple of weeks are too massive to be driven by “extremist” groups of any kind. I’ve been observing movements like that for decades, and they’re not large enough to carry out things like what has been happening recently.
Russia Today
After police in Seattle, Washington retreated from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, protesters took over the abandoned ‘regime’ precinct and erected barricades to mark an ‘autonomous zone’ for several blocks around it.

Six blocks of downtown Seattle have been declared the ‘Free Capitol Hill Zone’ or ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHAZ), according to area activists that have taken control of Seattle PD’s East Precinct, on 12th Avenue and E. Pine Street.


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  1. My observations are that anarchist street fighting tactics (affinity groups, street medics, black bloc tactics, opsec) have helped a genuine popular uprising of underclass minorities (and some whites.) The underclass has little to lose and everything to gain and are the most fierce street fighters while the decentralized organization of anarchists is providing material support and has genuine experience in standing up to riot control tactics. The crowds in the Pacific Northwest are almost entirely unfazed by tear gas, flashbangs and less than lethal rounds and all the new comers are catching on quickly and learning to adapt. A fair number of middle class people have also been radicalized, but for the most part the state is trying to peel them away from genuine resistance.

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