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What we do and don’t know about the extremists taking part in riots across the US

There are plenty of Antifa, boogaloos/accelerationists, “white supremacists,” “anarchists,” etc. involved in this but there is not anywhere near enough of them to make an insurrection this large happen. All of these “extremist” groups are just a side issue that is barely relevant at all. This is a popular rebellion against the police state, a replay of 1968, or an intensified 1992.

(CNN)Law enforcement and federal officials say outside elements from both far-right and far-left groups are helping fuel the violent and damaging confrontations that have marred protests across the country in recent days, despite President Donald Trump’s focus just on Antifa and the far left.

Although interference in this way may be happening, federal and local officials have yet to provide evidence to the public.

Local and federal officials are still trying to quantify how significant a role the outside groups are playing in the unrest that has spread to cities all over the US. Officials are scrambling to identify the affiliations of the extremists taking part in the riots, property destruction and attacks on police, and allegations of foreign influence stoking the unrest online are being actively tracked.

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