Police State/Civil Liberties

“In the Eyes of the System, We Are All Black”

Like I used to say during the Bush years, “We are all Iraqis now.” The race and class disparities among victims of the police state are obvious enough, and should be pointed out, but by no means should it end there. The System is the enemy of all humanity, from upper-class Americans railroaded by the legal system to peasants killed by American drones in Yemen.

By Troy Southgate

Invoking so-called ‘white privilege’ as a means of pacifying an angry Black population at the expense of those who are not in possession of dark skin, thus allowing the System to get away with murdering people of all colours and creeds, is like suggesting that the vicious dog that sometimes bites your neighbour hasn’t already bitten you, too, and that whilst the dog-owner somehow remains unimpeachable you are to blame for either staying away from the dog or not making enough fuss when you get bitten.

On second thoughts, perhaps there is some truth in this last sentence? Not that the vast majority of White people are really ‘privileged’ in any way, that’s just nonsense, but that we rarely ever react in a collective fashion. Blacks, at least, have retained their sense of racial identity and even though it is used to beg the System for mercy they are certainly in a more heightened state than Whites.

In other words, the only ‘privilege’ non-Blacks have is to walk around with their eyes closed. Perceptions of suffering and exploitation, therefore, particularly in a society where consumerism has been elevated to the level of a religion, is a state of mind. When all is said and done, true racism lies in one’s inability to realise that in the eyes of the System we are all Black.

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