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Derek Chauvin Shouldn’t Have Broken the Law

Vince has the perfect comeback to the “he shouldn’t have broken the law” dumbasses.

“Why the protesting and rioting? Because until now the police have held a special position in our society as a protected class. They could lie, cheat, steal, break the law and murder civilians and usually get away with it. Not any more. Murder a civilian in broad daylight? Your police precinct gets burned to the ground. Don’t want this to happen? Well then don’t break the law. Consequences suck but it’s what keeps our society civil.” -Vince Rinehart

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, text that says 'Remember this this picture? The The man on the ground with his hands up is a social worker. He was begging the police not to shoot his autistic patient who wouldn't put down his toy truck. While in this very position, on the ground, with his hands up, the police shot him him (the social worker). That officer was acquitted today. This IS America.'

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