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Why I Reject US Politics in a Nutshell

A couple of lines in a message from a reader illustrate perfectly well why I reject domestic US politics.
Americans, to the degree they are even aware that the US has an empire, seem largely apathetic about it or reflexively supportive of it (“if not us, who else?”), and often even if they are against it, it usually falls well behind other priorities.
This is why I tend to think that the entire spectrum of “culture warriors,” most of whom are middle to upper-class people (and therefore part of the global 1%), suffer from “First World privilege” and I just can’t take them seriously.
I imagine most of the already-politically-engaged folks would be unwilling to put down their pitchforks against the opposing tribe (since the main objective on either side seems to be somehow winning the culture war, at all levels of government and social life, forever).
In order words, our Red Tribe/Blue Tribe partisans are coalitions of crybabies and ignoramuses who insist they are being oppressed if they can’t have their way 100% of the time. They think the world can never be at peace as long as there is one remaining whiff of homophobia or one last Confederate flag in Mississippi, or one remaining abortion clinic or gun control law in Connecticut.

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