Politics Is A Joke- But What If The Libertarian Party Was In On It?

Running Ed Snowden as the LP candidate would be a damn good idea. Essentially, it would be a modern version of Eugene V. Debs’ SPUSA campaign from federal prison.

By Avens O’Brien

Libertarian Republic

The Libertarian Party is choosing its nominee for President and Vice President of the United States this weekend.

As a longtime party member and activist, and a California delegate to our National Convention, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving many emails, texts, messages and phone calls from individuals running for the nomination. Most of the people running, I know personally, and many I would consider friends. I’ve been asked for support, for donations, and for an endorsement.

I haven’t given one.

I sometimes cite the fact that I have a dream candidate, who I spoke about during a speech to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire in 2019. No, it’s not Justin Amash, though he has his areas of appeal.

My dream candidate is Edward Snowden.


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