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As Atheists Get Older, They’re Not Getting Much More Conservative

This video points out data which shows that secular Americans typically do not follow the stereotyped pattern of young people become more rightward-leaning with age, but are also less likely to vote when compared with religious Americans. My guess is that the latter is probably true because those who have a skeptical view of religious institutions are probably more likely to have a similarly negative view of political institutions, and are less likely to take politics seriously. Although I have found that the organized atheist movement tends to be just as gung-ho in its political partisanship (the speaker in the video is an example) as their counterparts on the religious right.

The religious right and the social justice left are virtually identical in wanting to impose their preferred form of moralism on the wider society. For the right, dirty books and movies were always a target of their ire. For the left, it’s the confederate flag and this or that “microaggression.” The right’s pet project in state repression was always the war on drugs, and for the left its’s a war on guns. The left wants to replace the traditional right’s preference for vice raids on gay bars with a parallel bluenose raid on Christian bakeries. There are even areas where the two sides overlap (anti-vice crusaders from right and anti-sex worker rights feminists, for example, or pro-drug war liberals and minority civil rights leaders).

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  1. That’s why the (((Evangelical Right))) are always the MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD EVER, they want to strip all of our freedoms especially free speech & expression.
    I’m totally with you, Keith, that we badly need a new authentic far left, not the pathetic illiberal Fake Left idiocracy we have now. those woke identity politicians deserve to get kicked out of anarchist circles for good, & Post-Left Anarchists are damn right about it.

    • Lol, if you think the religious right in the US is bad, wait until you see the religious right in Islamic countries. I would consider ATS to be a prototype for a “new far left,” one that is so far left it overlaps with the right and center on some questions. Some in the left-anarchist and “anti-fascist” milieus have claimed that I somehow moved from far left to far right over time. No, I just became a more consistent anarchist, i.e. taking a look at issues from the perspective of a solid anarchist foundation, but minus the leftist lens, and also recognizing the paradoxes in anarchist thought and different modes of interpretation.

      • I already know you’re clearly not what the bogus Antifa ancoms say you are. you’re obviously a genuine authentic anarchist thinker from what I understand, & I have a feeling that our beloved C4SS comrades sometimes seem to be misguided

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