Politics as we know it should die and loving anarchy should prosper

By Carne Ross


Anarchism becomes more likely with the technology of the future (and that could be a good thing) Metro illustrations Ella Byworth/

The current way of doing politics and our economic life on this Earth is coming to an end. The climate emergency will require dramatic changes to the wasteful way we consume resources. The grotesquery of the 0.1% cruising in private jets while the rest struggle with rent and debt cannot last. A peaceful, harmonious society requires that people are fairly treated. For now, there is no justice, no peace. The breakdown of consensus is painfully visible in the poisonous cloud of abuse and polarisation on mis-named ‘social’ media.


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  1. This is an AWESOME article, Keith Preston, although I disagree on the Extinction Rebellion nonsense since ER has been exposed as Controlled Opposition by Green Anarchists believe it or not. I’d rather listen to Richard Hunt than Greta Thunberg who’s an insult to autistic people like me.

    • Carne Ross is an extremely important figure. For someone from his background, and with access to the mainstream media, to promote the anarchist position is unusual, to say the least. From what I have seen of him, the version of anarchism he promotes is something reasonable, not crazed SJWish nonsense.

  2. Anarchy isn’t just going to happen. It has to be MADE to happen.
    The big problem with ‘traditional’ revolutions is that the only way (historically) to overthrow governments is to immediately replace it with another government, one that quickly becomes just as oppressive as the previous one.
    Virtually no other anarchist has described a method not merely to make anarchy stable, but also to make it inevitable. I did that, in 1995-96.
    “Assassination Politics”.

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