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Recently freed salon owner speaks out in exclusive ‘Hannity’ interview

It’s interesting how the Left and Right are spinning their own narratives on the coronavirus fallout. The Left is depicting a situation where greedy business owners and right-wing conspiracy nuts want to endanger everyone’s health by reopening the economy so they can make money. The Right is depicting a situation where government and media-fueled hysteria has resulted in an exaggerated threat and government overreach that has created an unnecessary economic depression. The Left thinks the situation wouldn’t have been as bad if it hadn’t been for the ineptness of the Trump administration. The Right thinks the situation would be as bad if it weren’t for the malevolence of the Chinese. The Left accuses the business class of profiteering off the pandemic, while the Right accuses liberal politicians and the media of using the situation to advance a political agenda.

As usual, the criticisms the Left and Right have of each other are generally true.

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