Anarcho-Monarchism: A Collection of Essays from Insula Qui

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Flag of Anarcho-Monarchism : vexillology

This collection of essays strives to answer libertarian questions using authoritarian answers. It critiques libertarian assumptions and offers unintuitive solutions that are fully compatible with non-aggression, private property, and free markets. This book is a much-needed world-view adjustment for any libertarian who has grown intellectually stagnant by not questioning libertarian theory and the potential faults thereof. But this book is not supposed to be a harsh shock, it introduces the reader to unanswered faults in libertarian theory before introducing solutions that are shocking in themselves. To this end, the book also includes a lot of libertarian theory that can offer a somewhat unique perspective on topics such as taxation and banking. Even for a reader with no sympathies for the far-right, this book offers an intellectually thrilling worldview. Furthermore, there is a distinct lack of theoretical content for a seemingly new libertarian far-right philosophy. It is undeniable that in the age of the internet, radical niche philosophies can easily form and intermingle. This is one reason why there is a significant amount of influence on libertarians from elements of the far-right. This book aims to provide an intelligent backbone to this emergent worldview.

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