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Joe Biden: no lesser, just evil

A good critique of Biden from the actual hard left.

By April Holcombe

Red Flag

The only thing Joe Biden and Donald Trump should be battling over is the top bunk of a prison cell. Instead, these two crooks are vying for the presidency of the United States. If Biden is this year’s lesser evil, he is sorely testing the meaning of “lesser”. No Democratic politician has worked longer and harder to turn the US into the nightmare it is today.

While many are alarmed that Biden’s brain appears to be melting, left-wing academic Steven Salaita pointed out on Twitter that his incoherence is “actually his most likeable quality”. That is borne out by Branko Marcetic’s book Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Biden, which details just about everything this scumbag has ever done.

In his first political foray, 29-year-old Biden shocked all by becoming a member of the US Senate for Delaware in 1973. The secret to his success was embedded deep in his brain for the rest of his career: always orient to your rival’s right-wing voters. In the 1970s, Delaware resisted desegregation harder than most northern states. Biden built his career by assuring the white suburban middle-classes that they didn’t have to vote Republican to elect a racist.

From 1975 to 1980, Biden led the charge against busing – a limited attempt to desegregate schools by allowing Black students to travel outside their own neighbourhoods to white schools and vice versa. The local press described Biden as a “born-again convert to anti-busing”, who “embraced his new faith with an almost messianic zeal”. Biden joined forces with Dixiecrat-turned-Republican Strom Thurmond, one of the Senate’s staunchest segregationists, who raped and impregnated his Black teenage maid. At his funeral in 2003, Biden eulogised Thurmond as “a brave man” and a “good friend”, who lived “a long and good life”.

Mass incarceration is Joe Biden’s American Dream.


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