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DAMN: Chomsky Likens #NeverBiden to Nazi Enablers

Milquetoast social democrat David Pakman embraces the “vote blue, no matter who” line.

Lifelong New York liberal Donald Trump is not a fascist or a Nazi. He is, at most, a Blue Dog Democrat or Rudy Guiliani-like “liberal” Republican, which is bad enough without any need for wild exaggerations. Under Trump’s “leadership,” the Republicans have, rhetorically, partially reinvented themselves in the image of something resembling France’s LePenist movement (which is actually to the left of the Republicans, often considerably so). In the future, the Republicans will probably increasingly move toward LePen-like rhetoric (e.g. Tucker Carlson’s “national conservatism”), and throwing occasional populist bones in the form of token policies (Josh Hawley’s and Tom Cotton’s recent UBI-friendly statements), while continuing to be controlled from the top by the right-wing of the plutocracy (e.g. the Kochs, Mellon), war profiteers (e.g. Raytheon), and uber-Zionists (e.g. Adelson).

The Democrats are clearly the party of the rising ruling class represented by the Tech Oligarchy/New Clerisy alliance, and the so-called “left” is never going to be anything other than useful idiots for the rising ruling class (the same role played by the religious right for the Republicans), because the “pink, green, and rainbow” left is not really a “left” at all but merely the left-wing of liberalism. All the neoliberals have to do is raise the usual “The Bigots Are Coming!” hysteria and the “left” falls in line behind them. An actual “black and red” and/or anti-imperialist left does not exist in the United States, except on the tiny level and on the very far fringes.

To use an analogy to the 19th century, the Republicans are the throne and altar party (traditional but declining ruling class) and the Democrats are the bourgeois party (new middle class and rising ruling class).

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