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Few Americans support easing virus protections

What will be interesting is if the restrictions are lifted and everyone continues to practice them anyway. I guess that would demonstrate the viability of the anarchist principles of direct action and voluntary cooperation. Consumer confidence is going to be close to zero when the economy finally reopens.

Slide 1 of 49: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - APRIL 22: Protesters drive in their vehicles near the Virginia State Capitol on April 22, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia. The protesters say Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's "stay-at-home" order and restrictions on gatherings of 10 or more people due to the COVID-19 pandemic are too excessive and want the state reopened. (Photo by


WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite pockets of attention-grabbing protests, a new survey finds Americans remain overwhelmingly in favor of stay-at-home orders and other efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. A majority say it won’t be safe to lift such restrictions anytime soon, even as a handful of governors announce plans to ease within days the public health efforts that have upended daily life and roiled the global economy.


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  1. Good share, and an interesting question you pose.

    My thought is quite cynical. I think the only thing one must do to determine what the masses of the population will do is merely to look at what is airing on ads the prior days before and after date you determine.

    Point in case: It still amazes me, too. Look at the Super Tuesday election results. Who were the winners?
    Biden: Senile and highly authoritarian.
    Sanders: A psuedo-revolutionary who is servile and weak.
    And, Mr. Bloomberg. Mikie didn’t even campaign anywhere, and he has a politically dubious background, except for the fact that he is an outright authoritarian oligarch. All he did was throw money into advertisements. If I’m not mistaken, I think he actually beat Bernie in a couple of places.

    Seriously. WTF??

    Now, I understand your desire to think highly of the American public. It’s admirable, but a fool’s errand. Sit back and watch as, most likely, all hell breaks out at home and abroad. Plus, people still to this day think “anarchy” is synonymous with Chaos. Voluntaryism is no where in their dank little minds. Unfortunately.

    Be safe. Eyes open, no fear.

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